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My name is Laney Oleniczak! I graduated my apprenticeship here at Mastodon in May of 2013. I’ve wanted to be a tattooer since I was a little girl, and have been lucky enough to accomplish that pretty early on in my life. I’ve drawn as long as I could hold drawing utensils, couldn’t dream of ever giving it up. I tend to lean more towards the neo-traditional style and doing spooky, tough stuff (I know I’m a girl, but I’m good at it, I promise!), but I love my job and am more than happy to work with you on anything you’d like to do!

Please feel free to follow me on instagram @lanemania or shoot me an email at

Hope to see you soon!

Why don’t cannibals eat clowns?… Because they taste funny.

Tattoos by Laney Oleniczak. Call (480) 833-2639 to book an appointment.

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Call (480) 833-2639 to book an appointment with Laney.

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