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So there I was, standing in the kitchen of this bikers house on 4th of July, BBQ in full swing. I watched a guy get an eagle tattooed on his arm, while I stuffed my chubby face with hot dogs. I was mesmerized! It was so bold, he looked so tough...I wanted to be that tough. I had witnessed magic! I was in third grade, I was hooked!! I knew what I wanted to be when I grew up.

Fast forward to ’95. After a bunch of begging, art classes, & getting tattooed, I wrangled an apprenticeship. I worked, learned, & basically gave up life as I knew it. All in pursuit of my dream. Then in September of ’96 I became a professional Tattooer!!

Twenty-one years later here I sit at Mastodon Piercing & Custom tattoo, livin’ the dream! Tattooing has given me a life, a career, & afforded me the opportunity to pursue my other dream...playing Metal music!

So when I’m not touring & making records, you’ll find me here at Mastodon; tattooing, drawing, painting, & having a blast with my co-workers. Just livin’ it!!

Damn, twenty-one years of turning prissies into pirates!!

Tattoos by El. Call (480) 833-2639 to book an appointment.

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Call (480) 833-2639 to book an appointment with El.

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